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                                        It’s not so complicated about my story on how I become an artist, I’m a self-taught artist mostly relay on my enthusiastic mind to see the beautiful nature and lively things around me and my determination drives me to become an artist in this competitive world of art. As in my school days I’m interested in science subject (especially Botany/Zoology) because of its true nature to show forms of animals, plants and microbes. I use to practice drawing to see better results, everyone thinks hey it’s for internal marks not really though, it’s in my root I believe. In my childhood days I sat next to a pot maker, when he is gets ready to spin the pottery wheel, mount the clay along with pottery tool on its side. I keenly watching on its progress on how he elegantly touches the clay and it reforms into a beautiful pot and he finishes it with dazzling decoration & designs around the pot with help of a young woman, a lot to him in fulfilling his task, I was mesmerized on his patience and commitment in completing his task with graceful manner. I’m proud to say that he is my grandpa, my grandma use to add design to a pot using colorful pastels. All day even now I feel sorry about myself that I didn’t learnt anything from my grandpa on how to make pottery, he is master of his own talent, a pot maker, not anymore his student since he is no more. I wasted his talent not to pass on to a next generation through me.

                                     My interest in drawing emerges on that day, time goes by then I focused on my career, finished my schooling, pursued my college degrees with no intention to become nothing, joined as programmer in Software industry for my unthoughtful life to survive ,days pass by till I unlocked my sketching skills from past memories. I’m learning all fundamental aspects of Drawing from an online course “Drawing Academy Club, London” “”. YouTube helped me to learn drawings (graphite, ink, color pencil) and paintings of different medium like Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor from other artist. Online pharmacy reviews – what are they for?. I’m totally fond of in sketching and painting the old Architectural monuments, Landscape, Abstracts, portraits.

                                  I’m practicing of Drawing and paintings in free flow of my mind and soul to pursue my thoughts, and thoughts into action to reach my destination. Your situations improve better if your dream of life become fulfilled with help of great involvement of your time and destiny of where you heading too. I’m still learning to become excel and esteem in course of art, “Now it’s my fortune to drive my unwritten fate to fulfill my dreams”.


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